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Friday, 06 February 2009 15:01

 Workplace Wellness


What could be a greater investment in your company than your employees?

Without employees you have no company. With unhealthy employees you have an unhealthy company. Health maintenance and prevention is much less expensive than illness or injury. Just like investing in the maintenance of your equipment, it makes sense to invest in the health and wellness of your employees.


Studies show that money invested in employee wellness programs increase productivity, boost morale, and promote job satisfaction.



  •  On-Site Nurse & Nurse on Demand Coverage
 Confidential employee discussions
 Onsite medical resource

 Assist when occupational injuries occur

  •  Coordinate Wellness programs to fit your needs

 Health Risk Assessments

  •  Cessation and Management Programs
 Weight Management

 Smoking Cessation

  •  Health Screenings

            Blood pressure & glucose screenings

  •  Education and Awareness
 First Aid and CPR Classes
 Bloodborne Pathogen Training


  •  Injury Prevention

 Medical input for safety meetings

  •  Return to Work Programs

 Create written Job Task Analyses & Job Modification

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