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Wednesday, 08 April 2009 19:08

Vocational Task Assignments


Want to move your case forward but not interested in full case management?

Perhaps a task assignment is all you need.

Get the specific service you need to act as a catalyst to move your file forward, or perhaps provide the documentation for negotiation purposes.

Labor Market Surveys -  Vocational Counselors are able to significantly reduce job search time by conducting labor market surveys, prior to an on-site visit with positions listed being available and only needing assessed for appropriateness.

On-site Client Vocational Assessment - There is no doubt of the effectiveness of a client visit for an initial or follow-up client assessment from a vocational perspective. In the event a home visit is permitted observation of living conditions and physical barriers, family interactions, hobbies and other outside interests that could augment or impede the injured worker's return to gainful employment is assessed. This one time assignment could be a valuable asset to the preparation of your file before attorney involvement.

Job Analysis Preparation -  On-site visits are made to existing or potential employers to observe and accurately record job tasks and physical requirements and what modifications could be implemented in order to suit a job candidate.

Video and Written Job Descriptions -  On-site visits are made to very accurately and concisely capture the job tasks required for each position at a particular employer. Job Descriptions, as well as videos, can then be available for physicians to review and have a better concept of what an Injured Worker has to do on his /her job. By having a library of their positions, an employer eliminates the need to have a Rehabilitation Counselor view a job each time a physician is anticipating a work release for an Injured Worker. Job Descriptions aid in ADA compliance.

Hypothetical Vocational Assessment  -  Can’t meet with your client? Do a hypothetical assessment based on previous work history to determine transferable skills, educational level, earnings history, and cross reference with a functional capacities evaluation to determine jobs and career opportunities your client may still be able to perform. If desired you could couple this with an Internet Labor Market Survey to locate suitable employment.


Vocational Testing - When appropriate and needed, our Vocational Counselors are qualified to administer interest, aptitude and intelligence tests to further identify and justify areas of job search.
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