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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 11:57

Acute Injury Management is the immediate involvement by The SRS Group in the treatment of an employee injured on the job. This type of intervention involves the following services:

  • Panel development and maintenance
  • Immediate involvement in the treatment process
  • Priority appointment scheduling with our exclusive provider network
  • Open channels of communication between employee, treating MD and employer
  • Status reports at every point of contact with providers to track the progress of treatment    
  • Aggressive return-to-work philosophy, programs and results
Our Acute Injury Management Program is designed with both large and small employers in mind. Whether commercially insured or self-insured, all with one goal: proactive, aggressive cost containment solutions in the management of injured workers.


Why is this important?
Some states have laws allowing employers the opportunity to post a panel of physicians where employers can direct injured employees. We will customize a Provider Panel for all of your locations.

In some states, if you are currently not posting a panel of providers, and your employee is injured on the job, they are free to treat with the doctor of their choice. This can lead to significantly greater medical bills and significantly greater lost work time.

If you have limited knowledge about the providers on the panel you risk not having the best medical providers to treat your injured worker. Your employee may wait weeks to be seen between appointments. Without Acute Injury Management, a return-to-work program may not even be considered and your injured employee may be off work for an excessive period of time. Acute Injury Management can determine which medical procedures are necessary.

Our providers guarantee priority scheduling, and expedited patient status reports.


Why is this important?
Immediate involvement by our Patient Care Coordinator combined with priority appointment scheduling and use of the preferred provider network, expedites return to work of your injured employee. Clear communication between all parties makes your employee feel cared for and keeps you informed. This builds employee-employer relations and facilitates the return to work process.

Your injured worker will have priority scheduling with a qualified provider. A status report is sent to you upon completion of the office visit, so that you can make operational decisions to run your business, and know how your employee is progressing.

Simply put, Acute Injury Management works in getting your injured employee back to work and healthier in the most timely manner while containing medical costs. It also means you don’t have the added task of trying to coordinate these services on your own.
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