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Wednesday, 08 April 2009 19:02

Medical Task Assignments


Want to move your case forward but not interested in full case management?

Perhaps a task assignment is all you need.

Get the specific service you need to act as a catalyst to move your file forward, or perhaps provide the documentation for negotiation purposes.

Independent Medical Exams ( IME’s) – Nurses can set up IME’s with a hand picked physician that is the most appropriate given the nature of the injury. The nurse can attend and speak with the physician so that the physician has a total understanding of the situation. The nurse can personally address issues of concern, resulting in a more effective IME.

Onsite Client Medical Assessment – There is no doubt of the effectiveness of a client home visit for an initial or follow up client assessment. Observation of living conditions and physical barriers, family interactions, hobbies and other outside interests that could augment or impede the injured workers return to gainful employment.

Appointment Coverage – Need an appointment covered out in the field by a nurse? Want to maximize your return on investment for dollars spent when setting up an IME, PT, OT or other appointment? Our nurses can attend appointments where a nurse is needed to maximize the benefit by having a medical advocate with an understanding of the file present.

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