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Thursday, 19 March 2009 10:38

About... The SRS Group, LLC.



At The SRS Group we have built a successful business over the last 20 years by honoring our commitments. We believe in listening and responding to your needs.  The foundation of our company at its core has been a commitment to our employees, and preferred providers all with one objective: to serve our customers. 


Mission Statement:  The SRS Group believes in providing Case Management Services which address the many components of care in a holistic, Consumer/Client-Centered manner that allows for the achievement of mutual goals and allows for the stewardship of the resources of the Consumer/Client, HealthCare System and Customers of The SRS Group.  Through these efforts, The SRS Group focuses simultaneously on Achieving Health, Maintaining Wellness and Promoting Productivity to the highest level possible for each of our Consumers/Clients


ProActive Solutions  

We believe in being proactive! 

When it comes to health it’s better to prevent than treat! 

When it comes to injuries it’s better to act early than late! 


We believe in preventing illness and injury and ultimately controlling costs by helping you create a custom Health and Wellness program to meet the needs of your company and your employees. And when there is an injury or illness, we believe in early intervention to contain costs, avert unnecessary treatment, and expedite the return to work of a productive employee.  We bring the experience of a dedicated staff of nurses and other health care professionals with proven, time tested systems and programs to give you the results you expect.  


High Tech – High Touch  

Proprietary Software      Scanning      Electronic Data Exchange 

The SRS Group has developed its own proprietary software to provide our nurses with the ability to spend more time functioning at what they do best…case management, not paperwork management. It has also enhanced our ability to share resources, process information and ultimately provide more comprehensive reporting to our customers.   


More Efficient and Better for the Environment – Our technology allows us to be more efficient for our staff, your employee and for the companies we serve with less impact on the environment.


All medical records and claims information are either scanned or transferred through an electronic data exchange. This increase in technology has allowed our nurses to increase the time they spend with people.  


Serving people and affecting lives is why nurses become nurses. It’s ironic, higher tech allows higher touch.   


Corporate Diversity  

At The SRS Group we believe in diversification. In providing opportunities to a diverse staff of health care providers and human service professionals, we offer our customers a unique range of services.   


Diversified Staff      Diversified Services 


Because every company is different and their needs are unique, The SRS Group has a diversified portfolio of service offerings. To meet the needs unique to each company we serve, we offer customized services tailored to your company’s needs. 

Commitment to Excellence 

  • Commitment to our Customers 
  • Solution Oriented  
  • Investment in Technology  
  • Creating Diversified Services 
  • Dedicated to Our Staff 
  • Demonstrating Servant Leadership  

These phrases all describe the The SRS Group’s commitment to excellence. We believe we have created an environment where the value of the human being, the quality of the life we live, and the people we serve, are as important as the success we accomplish.



It can best be summed up by a candidate for employment:  “I came to interview at The SRS Group because every employee I ever met working here was happy.”  


Experience Our Commitment

The SRS Group 

‘Leading by Serving’    

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